Maestra Xiomara Di Maio has been our piano teacher since the summer before my eldest son entered Kindergarten; he was 5 and my daughter had just turned 3. I wanted my musically-inclined children to start piano early but few other teachers would take such young students without it being a mommy-and-me style class. Maestra Di Maio was not only welcoming to my young learners, she was thrilled at my request that she teach my bilingual children in her native Spanish language. She now offers instruction in both languages to both the English speaking and Bilingual students!

Maestra Di Maio has a special connection with her students. She teaches them with love and respect. She is a patient listener. She encourages them through their discoveries in music. She teaches them to show respect for the music, the instrument, the audience and most importantly for themselves.

I thank her each week from the bottom of my heart for being such a wonderful influence and caring teacher for my children!
Allison Fernández
Lafayette mother of 3
Lamorinda Moms’ Club member

Ms. DiMaio gets right to the heart of the music.  Whether conducting a chorus, coaching an instrumental ensemble, or giving instruction at a  piano lesson, Xiomara maintains a wonderful balance between musical expression and technical clarity.
Bob Athayde
Director of Music Education, Stanley Middle School, Lafayette, Ca.
Director, Lafayette Summer Music Workshop

Xiomara has amazing teaching skills. She captivates the interest of children, knows how they think and is able to motivate and inspire them to learn and love music.
Emily Nock

Xiomara did a wonderful job with both of our kids.  She was particularly good at customizing her approach, adapting her style and lesson plans as appropriate for each child.  She establishes good rapport with the students, finds ways to celebrate their accomplishments, serves as taskmaster when needed, and makes the recitals fun for everybody.  We especially liked the way Xio integrated the piano lessons with the kids’ other artistic pursuits – trumpet, trombone. . .even dance.  Highly recommended.
Steve Falk, Lafayette City Manager

Xiomara Di Maio is an unusually versatile musician.  On top of her many years of experience as piano teacher with her own studio, she is also a singer, having sung for several years as soprano with the SFS Chorus, and a very inspirational choral conductor.
Her deep sense of musicality shines through in whatever field she is working in.  As a choral director, her intrinsic knowledge of the voice combined with a truly inspirational personality gives her the best tools to achieve profound results.
Ragnar Bohlin, San Francisco Symphony Chorus Director

Our weekly visits to Xiomara’s studio, the regular play-throughs and recitals for 9 years, and the community that built up around these activities were an integral part of our family life. We regarded piano lessons as a wonderful  gift to our children: they learned how to read music (which they can now apply in multiple contexts-what a wonderful ability to have!); it helped them to develop poise during performance (what do you do if you forget what note comes next and everyone is watching?); it taught them the value of hard work, practice and discipline (absolutely transferable skills/values); they learned to be good and gracious audience members and genuinely appreciate the efforts of others; and they made good friends, not only with peers, both also with their wonderful teacher, Xiomara, and with her always adventuresome percussionist husband, Ian (willing to accompany all-from those performing their first “Twinkles” to the most experienced and accomplished.)
–  Cherie Holcomb and Don Swatling

I can’t recommend Xiomara DiMaio enough for a beginning student who is starting from a clean slate or someone who is coming in with different kinds of training experience. As a musician myself, I knew that I wanted to find a teacher that would have the perfect balance of passion, structure, creativity, experience and love for the students and her art. That’s a pretty high benchmark to set.

Our son took piano from Xiomara for 5 years and our daughter for 4. I can safely say that the love of music they have developed so far-they are now 10 and 12 and they are each playing two instruments and enjoying singing as well- was nurtured by her compassionate and sometimes stern, and always engaging and playful way of being with them. She knows when to push and when they need a break. She challenged them with achievable goals and held them to it in a way that was motivating not intimidating. Each time they mastered a piece I saw them develop not only as musicians, but as more confident people.

The Suzuki method was foreign to me before we started and I didn’t really know what to expect but knew that parent involvement was a big part. Practice time could be hard sometimes, but I really value my involvement in their early music training. It was rewarding to feel like we were a team-teacher, parent and student-working toward establishing a love of music! My only regret is that we moved away and will not be able to follow their musical development through high school with Xiomara. She’s one of a kind!
Madeleine Tilin