Lesson Length

Lessons will end 5 minutes before the next scheduled lesson, which allows time for questions, bathroom breaks, and checking my studio phone messages for any last-minute cancellations.


Every lesson, and all musical progress, are built on the routine the student maintains at home. I can supply a checklist of daily practice points for you to use.


Makeup Lesson Policy

I will do makeup lessons only in the case of student or teacher illness. Makeup lessons will not be done for any other reason, such as sports, vacations, camps, etc. If you have a lesson conflict not due to illness, and wish not to lose that lesson time, you may switch lesson times with another family.

If you are sick…

Please telephone me with at least 24 hours’ notice if you need to cancel due to illness. Do not use e-mail to give me notice. I will not see it in time.

“Same-day” calls

If your child wakes up sick (or comes home from school sick) the same day of the lesson, call me right away. I assume you will know by around 3:30pm, when most kids are home from school. Only 3 “same day” excuses will be eligible for makeup lessons during the school year.

If you are not sick…

If you want to switch lesson times with another student family, check the Weekly Lesson Schedule, and contact the other family to arrange the “switch”. Then, inform me after the arrangement is made. Both parties need to contact me. I will need to be made aware of changes at least 1 day prior to the earliest lesson, so I can plan ahead.

Program Cancellation

There will be a $150 charge for cancelling the music program contract before the end of the school year.

Group Events

At all Group Events, participation is expected, and considered fundamental to the student’s development. There are no “make-ups” for group events. They are included in your tuition, and non-refundable. An event missed is an opportunity missed.

Group Classes

Group lessons are grouped by age & level. Your class group & time for the year are assigned at the beginning of the year. I may move a student to a more appropriate class, according to their level, if necessity dictates.

Schedule Conflicts

If you have a schedule conflict on any particular Group Class date, or an outright cancellation, you must inform me at least 2 weeks prior to the event. Due to the controlled ages & levels of the classes, I cannot guarantee that a change will be possible (especially on the day of the Group Class).


Schedule Conflicts

If you have a schedule conflict on any particular Recital date, or an outright cancellation, you must inform me at least 2 weeks prior to the event.


Informal Recitals: Student must be prepared 1 week before the performance.

Formal Recitals: Student must be prepared 2 weeks before the performance.

Dress Code

Informal Recitals: Casual dressy. Avoid tennis shoes, “flip-flops”, shorts, or mini-skirts.

Formal Recitals: Dressy clothes. No jeans. Dress shoes only. Girls: formal slacks, or dresses below the knee. Boys: slacks, dress shirt, tie optional (but very cool!).

Studio Etiquette

The Di Maio Piano Studio is a “distraction-free zone”. Be your child’s best example! Please help to create an environment of supportive calm and focus in every way you can during the lesson. Because Music training is acutely sound-sensitive, I expect it to be common sense that extraneous noises should be kept to a minimum during the lesson. If you find it impossible to stay away from texting, e-mailing or doing office work during your child’s lesson time, I will assume you are interested in neither the lesson nor your child’s progress, and I will stop the lesson.

Please restrict all non-lesson-related work to the kitchen or waiting area. I need the parent’s full attention during the lesson. All electronic devices are to be powered OFF and put away before entering the studio space. (Not set to “vibrate”, which is still distracting, but OFF.) The lesson time is not the time to receive calls, check messages, or otherwise allow the outside world to intrude on your, or your child’s, attention.

Fees & Payment

Due Dates

Payments are due on the 1st of each month. If I haven’t received your payment by the 10th, a late fee will be added to the balance due. I do not send any “reminders” before the due date. It is your responsibility to remember!

Hall Rental Fee

The Hall Rental Fee is not included in tuition. It covers the expense of the venues in which we perform the formal recitals in December and April.


Please reply to Studio e-mail messages within 3 days, if possible. If I don’t hear from you during this period of time, I will call your home and cell phone numbers.